Cyber Security, also known as information technology (or IT) security, is the practice of implementing  processes and protocols that safeguard networks, applications and data from unauthorized access, change or destruction. Data Forensics involves using specialized tracking techniques to identify and investigate the source of and damage caused by a security incident or breach.  Because the two disciplines go hand in hand, Singular Security offers proven, best-practice based solutions for both.

One platform. Virtually unlimited visibility.

From Singular Security’s single, streamlined platform you can effectively detect and respond to malicious activity and take appropriate action from a local or remote location.  Our capabilities include computer and network forensic analysis and reporting, as well as expertise in the latest malware applications and technologies that protect you against:

  • Data leakage and theft — intentional and unintentional; from internal or external sources
  • Advanced persistent threats — purposeful, sophisticated, highly targeted attacks
  • Zero-day exploits — attacks perpetrated the same day a vulnerability is announced