Gain Visibility Into Your Network’s Weak Spots

Gaining visibility into your networked computing environment requires the use of specialized software tools that scan for, reveal, flag and report on unsecured applications and devices that are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks--your “weak spots.”

Every network has them, from the small family business and public utility to the international corporation, because it’s humanly impossible to be protected 100 percent of the time, even with deep IT resources.

Still, organizations must be vigilant in their efforts to secure their networks and keep cybercriminals at bay. Not only to safeguard sensitive customer and corporate data but also to satisfy any applicable compliance-audit frameworks.

Quantifying Network Exposure and Risk

These days, passing the compliance audit is a subject that occupies the minds of business leaders and IT professionals, who, at a moment’s notice, may want to know “where exactly are we?”
in efforts to comply with enforced cybersecurity mandates--an inquiry known by many as “scoreboarding” their exposure and risk.

Scoreboarding is just a simplified measure of relative compliance-readiness that ranges from
0 percent readiness to 100 percent readiness--which is the crucial risk-quantification that Singular’s solution so accurately delivers.

Spot Holes, Prioritize Remediation

To provide a clear and accurate view of your networked computer environment, Singular Security scans it with a modular, multi-source Windows-based solution that returns centralized data snapshots and comprehensive viewing and management of all critical assets and asset groups

With Singular’s solution, visibility information is presented in a simple user dashboard that effectively scoreboards your security posture and provides seamless oversight of your entire risk, security, and compliance management lifecycle.

Offering capabilities such as these, Singular’s solution delivers as much or as little security intelligence and control as business and IT leaders want:

  • Complete Asset Management
  • Companywide and Roles Management
  • Complete Standards Scoreboard Mapping
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Prioritization and Reporting

Correcting all vulnerabilities at once is impractical and cost prohibitive. Our automated prioritization feature, along with scoreboarding, metrics and real-time reporting, combine to facilitate faster, more effective decisioning. To help choose where to allocate remediation dollars, results and recommendations are presented in a clear business context that enables practical, productive discussions between stakeholders and decision makers at every level.

Managed Services and Support Available

Every organization has a unique IT investment profile, which not only reflects greatly different cybersecurity needs but also the number and types of tools they have already purchased. To accommodate these differences, Singular Security’s modular network-visibility solution offers an advanced level of flexibility and customization. We can leverage the tools you already own, or pre-configure and manage your solution through our managed-services option. Your physical or virtualized configuration options include: hosted; on-premise and standalone.