Intelligence Access Platform

Beyond the surface of the web, a majority of online content is in the darknet

Our Intelligence Access Platform allows organizations to search and monitor the world largest commercially available database of darknet and deep web content. By adding darknet threat intelligence to their security plan, companies are able to see real-time theft, breach or otherwise compromised proprietary data on the darknet, allowing them to both mitigate damage prior to the information being misused and to highlight gaps in their cybersecurity perimeter.

What’s on the darknet?

  • Personal Information, including secure credentials and private information pertaining to company executives
  • Exposed Intellectual Property, such as counterfeit items and documents, industrial blueprints, or proprietary company information
  • Stolen credit cards, online banking accounts, tax returns, and many more fraud-related items that are often bought and sold on darknet marketplaces
  • Threat actors buying and selling strains of malware, viruses and exploits
  • Chatter regarding potential or existing vulnerabilities in company security frameworks

Our scalable darknet intelligence solution enables organizations to choose the best offering to fit their needs, including our SaaS platform, Data Feeds, or API. Singular Security can help you better understand if this solution makes sense for your organization by providing you with point-in-time darknet “snapshot.”  This risk-profile assessment offers a glimpse into the breadth of data available on the darknet, and alerts organizations to how much of their proprietary data is exposed and at risk to be misused by threat actors.

To request a custom darknet intelligence snapshot, or simply learn more about our Intelligence Access platform, please email us at with the subject line “darknet.”