Take Control Quickly from the Cloud

BYOD, an acronym for “bring your own device,” refers to the practice of employees accessing secure company networks via unsecured personal laptops, smartphones and tablets.

While BYOD makes working convenient for users, it also leaves enterprises and businesses vulnerable to breaches, intrusion and unauthorized use of protected or proprietary data. In the wrong hands, lost or stolen devices containing this data increase your risk and liability a hundredfold.

Now Part of SingularReady

Singular Security’s Rapid Mobile Security services (now integrated into our flagship SingularReady solution) reduce the risks associated with BYOD, including the theft, loss or unauthorized use of mobile devices. From any cloud-connected computer, you can quickly locate and scan these devices, then lock or wipe them clean if vulnerabilities are detected.

We can customize and implement a mobile security solution that enables you to rapidly:

  • Scan OS and application vulnerabilities on a single device or thousands
  • Automatically scan devices as they access your network and applications
  • Meet PCI, HIPAA and other compliance requirements
  • Discover unencrypted cardholder data

See it in action
Experience the convenience and control for yourself. Try our Rapid Mobile Security Service on your own mobile device.