Reduce breach and compliance risks

Our automated Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution provides the control, auditing, and compliance required for securing and managing administrative accounts, as well as other risky account types, such as shared accounts and temporary accounts.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution from Singular Security will:

  • Provide accountability, control and usage-tracking back to specific users and privileges across multiple shared accounts.
  • Discourage casual use of privileged accounts for routine tasks by recording activity and making access subject to the approval and review of managers.
  • Accelerate and simplify audits by storing data that can be easily incorporated into compliance reports.
  • Eliminate the need to hardcode administrative IDs and passwords within scripts and programs.
  • Automatically document the compliance process by detailing who can perform administrative tasks and when, as well as who approved their access and the rationale and approval history for each account.

Benefits you’ll get from our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution:

  • Control - Providing the oversight needed to help prevent the risk of compliance violations, privacy breaches and fraud associated with shared accounts.
  • Compliance - Helping ensure regulatory compliance through preventive, detective and corrective controls, as well as auditing of those controls and all access privileges.
  • Productivity - Improving productivity and the user experience by automating the management of access to privileged and shared accounts.
  • Accountability - Establishing accountability by enforcing consistent policies for acquiring access to accounts.
  • Visibility - Eliminating the risk of anonymous logins to privileged and shared accounts, regardless of whether the systems and applications are on-premises, hosted, or SaaS.
  • Flexibility - Enabling access to highly privileged accounts only when needed.
  • Responsiveness - Providing agility to quickly accommodate changed business processes.