Changes in your operational environment can have unintended and costly consequences.

Technology infusions, rapidly evolving processes, and new business ventures all have the potential to disrupt your enterprise and leave users in the lurch. Byproducts of change can include prolonged downtime, slow response or repairs—and even expensive upgrades—problems that most businesses and enterprises would prefer to avoid.

A better way to mitigate disruptions

If you want to be more proactive about mitigating change-related risk, consider Singular Security’s Risk Analysis Management (RAM). RAM is a proactive, risk-based approach to managing and mitigating disruptions and reducing your vulnerability to a wide range of potentially devastating events. Combining decades of security experience with the latest platforms and assessment methodologies, Singular Security’s RAM solutions and services prevent problems by emphasizing:

  • Prudent and effective risk-mitigation practices
  • Greater control over network and device configuration changes
  • Continuity planning and response to process disruptions
  • Ample data storage to assure uninterrupted data/system access
  • Implementation of repeatable, defensible metrics and methods

Key Risk Analysis Management features:

  • Ease of use: A more dynamic and easier interface to navigate to the information you need quickly no complicated pivot tables or macros needed
  • Scalable flexibility. Easily adapts to your specific performance indicators to create an accurate, holistic risk profile
  • Revealing “What-if Scenarios” that align IT security strategy with critical business objectives, with questions such as:
    • What are the security implications if we want to enter new markets?
    • What are the risks if we merge with or acquire new companies?
    • If we want to better manage exposure, which resources should we deploy—and where?

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