Risk Analysis Management

A better way to mitigate disruptions

Our Risk Analysis Management (RAM) solutions are a proactive, risk-based approach to managing and mitigating disruptions and reducing your vulnerability to a wide range of potentially devastating events. Our methodologies emphasize:

  • Risk-mitigation
  • Greater control over network and device configuration changes
  • Continuity planning and response to process disruptions
  • Ample data storage to assure uninterrupted data/system access
  • Implementation of repeatable, defensible metrics and methods

Risk Analysis Management (RAM) solutions from Singular Security come with:

  • Ease of use - A more dynamic and easier interface to navigate to the information you need quickly -- no complicated pivot tables or macros
  • Flexibility - Easily adapts to your specific performance indicators to create an accurate, holistic risk profile
  • What-if Scenarios - that align IT security strategy with critical business objectives, with questions such as:
    • What are the security implications if we want to enter new markets?
    • What are the risks if we merge with or acquire new companies?
    • If we want to better manage exposure, which resources should we deploy—and where?