In today’s enterprise and business computing environments, regular network “scanning” of all network devices and end-points is essential for checking for hidden network vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to breaches and attacks. Scanning is the process of using special tools to accurately detect and find security gaps on your desktops, mobile devices, operating systems, web applications, databases, and other network-attached assets. A growing number of IT security specialists will use multiple scanning tools for either best-practice or coverage purposes and are often challenged with importing those scan results into a single reporting view.

What’s the difference?

Our Vulnerability Analysis Management module aggregates data from multiple scanning tool results and will analyze, interpret and import captured scanning data. And once the data is in; the solution will allow you to correlate and compare-in real time- results from multiple tools into a single reporting view. From there you can parse and filter results to create meaningful metrics that improve your ability to identify and compensate for false positives; monitor and manage remediation efforts; and track mitigation efforts that will result in hours of time saved!

Other services and benefits include:

  • Data analysis and interpretation.  If needed, Singular Security can review network scanning reports, tell you what the data means and recommend specific actions to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigation and management. Spreading out remediation efforts or correcting multiple issues can be disruptive and time consuming. Singular Security can economically remediate all of your issues in a single project.
  • Centralized scanning data. With Singular Security, your filtered scanning data can be consolidated and presented from a single resource, making analysis and remediation faster and more efficient.
  • Auto-ticketing. You can auto-import the scanning results, prioritize the results, and based on your rules can set up auto-ticketing for mitigation to streamline your vulnerability management process.