We help public and private organizations minimize
cybersecurity risk and pass their IT compliance audit.

Replace uncertainty with confidence and conformance.

Here's how we can help

Assess Vulnerabilities, Compliance

We evaluate your network and policies for weaknesses, and assess whether your technical and privacy controls meet relevant compliance requirements.

Incident Response, Plan

While doing all you can to minimize the consequences of a data loss, let us help you build the right incident response plan to deal with future data breaches or cyberattacks.

Manage Security Risk, Analyze

Reduce your risk, mitigate increasing threats and stay compliant with our complete suite of information security management solutions and services, including training.

Why Choose Singular Security?

Using client-focused practices and methodologies, we help organizations with actionable knowledge about emerging information-security threats and regulatory mandates, then help select and deploy technologies designed to minimize risk and align with your core business strategies.

Our expertise with audit standards and requirements, combined with proven business knowledge across a number of key industry verticals, also enable us to support information security or compliance initiatives your company may have-now or in the future.

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