Identity and Access Management 

By implementing our Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies, you build a secure foundation for your zero-trust architecture (ZTA) compliance initiatives.  

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for ZTA 

Remote and hybrid work models led attackers to deploy more credential-based attacks. In response, updates to critical compliance mandates and frameworks focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) as a first step on the ZTA implementation path.  

With our extensible, scalable, cloud-based solution, you can implement IAM for workforce members and difficult to secure identities like Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) boundaries, and mobile wallets and payment. Our authentication solution seamlessly scales across all cloud, mobile, and device deployments so you can monitor and audit secure access while automating and centralizing authentication processes, like:

  • Strong authentication policies using PKI certificates
  • Secure Single Sign-On for applications
  • Identity federation
  • FIDO passwordless authentication

Automate Privileged Access Management (PAM) for Enhanced Security and Compliance 

Users with privileged access have nearly unlimited capabilities to systems, networks, and data, making their credentials a primary target for threat actors. Simultaneously, users often share these credentials to do their jobs so organizations often lose track of who has privileged access to resources.  

SingularReady automates PAM giving you the control and oversight necessary to meet compliance requirements without impacting employee productivity. With SingularReady’s flexible, responsive PAM solution, you can:

  • Control and track use back to specific users and privileges across multiple shared accounts
  • Record activity, including requiring manager review and approval prior to granting access
  • Store data that can be easily incorporated into compliance reports
  • Eliminate the need to hardcode administrative IDs and passwords within scripts and programs.
  • Automate compliance documentation with details including who performed the task, when they performed it, who approved it, approval rationale, and approval history

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Singular Security’s identity and access management solutions enable you to implement critical security and accelerate audit-readiness by continuously documenting activities.