You’re Not Really Ready Until You’re SingularReady™

Of all the hats business owners must wear, the IT Security/Compliance Management hat is often the most unlikely (and uncomfortable) fit. Owners rightly prefer to concentrate on core business functions, like sales, operations and growth—and leave data security planning and management to experts like Singular Security.

Be ready for anything
The cost of continually securing data and complying with government mandates can stress the finances of most small- and medium-sized business.  To reduce this burden, we’ve developed SingularReady, a proprietary, customizable solution that cost-effectively monitors and safeguards your networks and data, 24/7, so you and your staff don’t have to.

Three-part protection that keeps you safe and audit-ready

SingularReady is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that consists of:

  • Systems monitoring — reveals active or hidden threats through continuous network scanning, virus protection and incident/status reporting
  • Administration — helps you manage and update security measures through malware protection, Email security, network testing and incident/status reporting
  • Strategic consulting — strategies and planning to minimize risk and maximize returns on your network security investment, and to prepare for and pass your upcoming PCI audit

No-obligation readiness consultation

Are you ready to better secure business-critical data and servers?

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