Financial Services

As customers increasingly request digital services, companies in the financial services industry struggle to maintain revenue targets while meeting strict compliance requirements. For financial services organizations, a regulatory audit failure can end business operations.

We can help you implement and maintain information security controls mapped to FFIEC requirements while reducing the administrative costs associated with annual internal and external audits.

Identify, Measure, and Mitigate Information Security Risks 

To pass their annual IT audit, financial services organizations must have comprehensive information security programs that identify, measure, mitigate, monitor, and report on cybersecurity-related risks. As IT environments become more complex, many companies struggle to find people with the required industry expertise to help them build a robust cybersecurity technology stack.


By partnering with Singular Security, you can build a customized security technology portfolio without increasing compliance costs. Pairing our vCISO solution with SingularREADY™, our end-to-end cybersecurity solution, you can implement required risk assessment and management practices, including: 

  • Defining risk management objectives and implement controls
  • Identifying and measuring risk with an easy-to-use risk register and matrix
  • Engaging in a gap assessment that includes system vulnerabilities and missing controls
  • Continuously monitoring for and mitigating new risks

Implement Robust Security Operations  

To meet strict regulatory requirements, you need to design policies and procedures that effectively manage security operations. Many financial services companies struggle to find cost-efficient solutions that enable them to build the required processes, hire the appropriate staff, and purchase the necessary incident detection and response technologies.


With SingularREADY’s security technology portfolio and 24/7 security operations center (SOC) services, you have continuous and on-demand access to security analysts who: 

  • Engage in proactive threat hunting
  • Triage and remediate alerts from Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution
  • Continuously monitor and proactively escalate cloud security alerts
  • Monitor and triage Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) notifications
  • Scan for and remediate detected vulnerabilities
  • Assess incident severity, prioritize remediation, analyze forensics, and engage in post-incident evaluation

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Assess, Document, and Communicate Information Security Program Effectiveness  

As part of their audit process, regulators assess whether organizations regularly review their security programs’ effectiveness, including the context of the environment in which it operates. The company’s management must provide assurance over the system’s design and operation when determining whether the program mitigates risk as expected.


By leveraging our end-to-end compliance solution, you gain the expertise and technologies necessary to: 

  • Prepare accurate, relevant documentation for internal and external audits
  • Link supporting documentation to a Compliance Controls dashboard
  • Oversee the vendor risk management program
  • Communicate and review measurable information security metrics

To learn how our financial services experts can accelerate your compliance readiness, contact us today.