In today’s technology-driven world, digital trust and customer loyalty are interrelated. To build digital trust, companies must provide customers assurance over their data protection programs. As companies attempt to implement security and privacy by design, they struggle to find the right people and technologies.

We can help you align your data protection program to your business objectives to accelerate compliance and build customer trust.

Assess Risk and Align Mitigation Activities to Business Objectives  

Customers want technologies and digital experiences that make their lives easier. Simultaneously, they increasingly evaluate an organization’s data protection program during their buyer journey. As companies attempt to provide the best customer digital protection possible, they often struggle with financial constraints, impacting their ability to hire the right talent and build the necessary cybersecurity technology stack.


Partnering with us allows you to reduce the staffing, administrative, and technology costs associated with designing a data protection program, achieving the compliance objectives necessary for growing revenue. Pairing our vCISO solution with SingularREADY™, our end-to-end cybersecurity solution, allows you to accelerate your compliance readiness by: 

  • Partnering with trusted expert to define program objectives and controls
  • Aligning business goals to data protection risk with an easy-to-use risk register and matrix
  • Generating an asset inventory for all devices connected to networks and subnetworks
  • Identifying system vulnerabilities and missing controls
  • Building a customized cybersecurity technology stack to continuously monitor for new threats and risks
  • Monitoring and managing vendor risk

Document Compliance Activities and Readiness 

As industry, legislative, and regulatory bodies enact new compliance mandates, your data protection compliance becomes business critical. Often, organizations need to map and document their controls across multiple compliance mandates, like SOC2, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


With our end-to-end cybersecurity solution, you can access security experts to help you implement controls and document security activities, like:

  • Engaging in gap assessments and readiness reviews
  • Evaluating and monitoring controls’ effectiveness
  • Preparing accurate and relevant for internal and external audits
  • Supporting on-site audits, including prioritizing post-audit activities and responses
  • Mapping controls across multiple mandates to enhance business and audit outcomes


Measure and Communicate Controls and Program Effectiveness 

Nearly every compliance mandate incorporates a governance requirement. Many companies struggle to define program key performance indicators. Additionally, communicating effectiveness across internal and external stakeholders can be overwhelming without the appropriate supporting staff.


We can help you accelerate your governance activities with: 

  • Defined metrics for evaluating data program performance
  • Compliance Controls dashboard that links to documentation
  • Employee security awareness training and testing
  • Security incident and crisis management to assess severity, prioritize remediation, analyze forensics, and engage in post-incident evaluation

To see how SingularREADY can accelerate your compliance readiness and enable business growth, contact us today.