The IT and OT convergence creates new cybersecurity challenges for the manufacturing industry as it works to protect human safety, environmental safety, quality of product, production goal, and trade secrets. Across complex, interconnected environments, manufacturers face challenges when trying to align a focused set of cybersecurity controls across business goals while categorizing their systems’ level of security risk.

We can deliver the necessary expertise and technology to assess potential security breach impact, implement controls, and monitor security.

Categorize Impact and Identify Risk 

Security categorization influences the level of attention and effort a company expends to implement operational security and risk mitigation controls. To manage cybersecurity risks, manufacturers must clearly understand a system’s or environment’s specific business drivers and security considerations.  


By partnering with us, you can become compliance ready faster by:

  • Working with a trusted expert to define mission-based rationales for security categorizations
  • Identifying unique risks arising from the organization’s ICS and IT use
  • Prioritizing investments by reducing cybersecurity risks and managing them cost-efficiently
  • Implementing security practices focused around unique risks, including various threats, vulnerabilities, and risk tolerances

Develop and Implement Appropriate Activities and Controls 

While managing competing priorities with limited resources, manufacturers need to defend digital assets from disclosure, modification, disruption, and improper use.


Pairing our vCISO solution with SingularREADY™, you can right-size your cybersecurity technology stack and leverage automation to:

  • Set baselines endpoint configurations
  • Scan for vulnerabilities
  • Implement Identity and Access Management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Gain real-time security alerts with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Protect web applications with web proxies and Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
  • Provide employees with security awareness training
  • Monitor and manage vendor risk
  • Continuously monitor security while working with a 24/7 security operations center (SOC) to detect and recover from incidents


Document and Communicate Security Program Compliance 

Manufacturers increasingly need to comply with data security and privacy mandates. Whether legal, regulatory, or industry-mandated, the compliance requirements require organizations to document their activities and ensure communication across internal stakeholders.


Our end-to-end compliance technology and services enable you to: 

  • Complete a readiness review
  • Prepare accurate, relevant audit documentation
  • Manage and review documentation in a Compliance Controls dashboard
  • Communicate and review measurable security metrics across internal business stakeholders
  • Gain support for onsite audits
  • Prioritize post-audit response activities

To see how our comprehensive services and technologies can support your company’s business mission and cybersecurity needs, contact us today.