Interoperability mandates across the healthcare industry create new data security and privacy compliance challenges. Healthcare organizations and their downstream business partners often struggle to manage multiple compliance requirements across an increasingly complex digital ecosystem.

Let us care for your ePHI so you can focus on patient care.

Assess, Implement, and Maintain Risk Management Activities 

Organizations in the healthcare industry collect, store, process, and transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) and patient payment data. The complex, interconnected systems that enable interoperability across hospitals, healthcare providers, labs, and health insurance companies make identifying and managing risk a challenge.  

By partnering with us, you can reduce the staffing, administrative, and technology costs associated with compliance readiness. Pairing our vCISO solution with SingularREADY, our end-to-end cybersecurity solution, allows you to accelerate your compliance readiness by: 

  • Gaining a trusted expert to define program objectives and controls
  • Aligning business objectives to risk with an easy-to-use risk register and matrix
  • Identifying system vulnerabilities and missing controls
  • Continuously monitoring for new threats and risks with a customized cybersecurity technology stack

Document and Communicate Compliance Activities 

Internally, your business leadership needs visibility into risk management and program success so that they can fulfill their governance duties. Meanwhile, your external auditors need documentation that proves your administrative and technical controls work as expected

With SingularREADY, you gain the security experts and technologies that enable you to:

  • Engage in readiness reviews
  • Evaluate control effectiveness and support monitoring
  • Prepare for internal and external audits
  • Support onsite audits
  • Prioritize and support post-audit response activities
  • Collect and communicate meaningful security-based program metrics
  • Communicate your security-first compliance program to internal and external stakeholders


From HIPAA to PCI DSS, organizations in the healthcare industry must comply with multiple data protection mandates. For many companies, implementing controls and mapping them across these diverse requirements is time-consuming and resource intensive.


With SingularREADY you can automate continuous monitoring and map your compliance controls across multiple compliance mandates and key categories, including: 

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