Continuous Monitoring and Advanced Threat Detection 

Leveraging our real-time threat detection and actionable remediation strategies, you can design a security-focused compliance program with continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection. 

Gain Visibility to Mitigate Risk 

Visibility requires you to correlate and analyze all data generated by your complex IT environment. With Singular Security, you can architect the single source of security monitoring and documentation necessary to identify threats and mitigate risk. With Singular Security, you can reduce compliance costs by: 

  • Implementing centralized log management to create an audit trail
  • Creating a single source of third-party risk management documentation that stores questionnaires, enables reporting, and automates workflows
  • Correlating analyzing activities from across users, endpoints, networks, and applications to identify anomalous behaviors

Automate Continuous Monitoring for Real-Time Detection 

Attacks happen at machine-speed, so you need an automated monitoring that provides real-time threat and risk detection. Using our portfolio of security technologies, you can implement end-to-end AI-driven monitoring that includes: 

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to uncover incidents across endpoints and workloads
  • Database monitoring to detect threats and unauthorized access to key services
  • Vulnerability scanning to discover and manage devices on your networks
  • Dark web monitoring and threat intelligence feeds for context into evolving risks
  • Web Proxy + WAF Next Generation Firewall to secure web applications
  • Email security that scans incoming and internal emails to protect against malicious URLs, account takeover, and shadow IT

advanced threat detection, continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection

Supplement Technologies with Security Support Services 

Your security tools can detect new threats and risks, but you need people to remediate weaknesses or respond to incidents. Our threat hunting and 24/7 security operations center (SOC) services include: 

  • In-depth human threat hunting analysis
  • EDR threat triage and active remediation
  • Cloud security monitoring, proactive escalations, and alerting
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) monitoring, triage, and notification
  • Patch management to remediate detected vulnerabilities
  • Security incident and crisis management to assess severity, prioritize remediation, analyze forensics, and engage in post-incident evaluation