By partnering with our vCISO services, you can leverage our governance and oversight expertise design. 

Access the Skills for Developing a Robust Program 

A robust information security program consists of people, processes, and technology. Our vCISO services deliver cost-effective human resources that support your security and compliance initiatives that include: 

  • Defining program objectives
  • Establishing effective controls through a defense-in-depth strategy
  • Building a security technology stack
  • Identifying the program’s key performance indicators

Implement Program Management to Support Goals 

To implement and maintain a security and compliance program, you need someone technical skills and industry expertise. With our vCISO services, you have someone with practical security and business experience who can: 

  • Ensure documentation accuracy and relevancy
  • Develop and provide cybersecurity awareness training and outreach
  • Oversee the vendor risk management program
  • Maintain and test cybersecurity controls

Communicate Metrics to Prove Governance 

Compliance mandates require that senior management and Boards of Directors maintain accountability for their programs. From analyzing the risk assessment to communicating program metrics, you can leverage our experienced vCISO services to: 

  • Set and attend meetings
  • Deliver and review measurable information security metrics
  • Communicate effectively with key stakeholders

For companies that need a part-time CISO, our vCISO offering provides a flexible, cost-efficient, and effective solution.