Who Is Singular Security?

Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Singular Security is to provide top-notch cyber security services to our clients that enables their businesses to thrive. We're there when you need us. While we're proud of the expertise and experience we've honed over our decades in the industry, the crowning jewel of our company is our commitment to our core values. Singular Security is built upon them at every layer. Our services are designed to be Partner Friendly at every level - you will not lose time integrating us into your current technology stack. And our analysts work around the clock to ensure the work we do for you is done well.

It is our ambition that every client, partner, and bystander sees us for our:

  • Optimism
    • Every problem has a solution; you just have to look at it the right way. We put the goal first, and then work tirelessly toward it.
  • Integrity
    • Malice and mistakes are at the core of what cybersecurity aims to prevent, fix, and plan for. We take that to heart: We focus on doing the right thing. Every time.
  • Forward Thinking
    • Things change. We revel in those changes. We plan for them where possible, adapt to them where it’s not, and we push the boundaries of what’s possible at every opportunity.
  • Enjoyment
    • We love what we do: we’re good at navigating the complex world of cybersecurity and compliance so our clients can focus on what they do. And we love every part of it.
  • Charity
    • Giving back to the community that shaped us goes beyond our professional commitment and reaches
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