Compliance Readiness

By partnering with us, you can implement the controls necessary to get compliant, document your work to prove compliance, and continuously monitor to stay compliant.  

Implement the Appropriate Risk-Based Controls 

Taking a security-first approach to compliance helps you achieve desired audit outcomes and enables you to mitigate cyber liability risk. By meeting industry best practices, you can reduce your insurance premiums and your potential liability.  

SingularREADY™ combines with our services offerings so that you have the technology and people necessary to:

  • Align risks to business objectives with an easy-to-us risk register and risk matrix
  • Use interactive timelines linked to details so stakeholders can assess risk areas
  • Engage in a gap assessment to identify system vulnerabilities and missing controls
  • Establish structured risk mitigation activities using a risk register management and risk
  • Implement security controls mapped to key compliance mandates

Prepare for Audits by Documenting Compliance Activities 

Implementing risk-based controls is only the first step on a company’s compliance journey. To prepare for third-party independent assessments, organizations need to document their processes and continuously monitor risk.  

Our end-to-end technology and services offerings enable you to access compliance experts to support your audit activities. Our expertise and security monitoring products provide: 

  • Readiness reviews
  • Evaluation of and support for internal controls
  • Internal and external audit preparation
  • Onsite audit support
  • Post-audit response prioritization and support
  • Compliance Controls dashboard linked to supporting documentation

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Maintain Security and Compliance Posture with Automation 

Compliance is no longer a point-in-time activity. Dynamic systems mean companies need to continuously monitor for new risks, like misconfigurations that can lead to compliance violations.  

SingularREADY streamlines program maintenance, giving continuous monitoring capabilities across key security control categories including: 

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Security Awareness Training and Testing

By using our security, risk, and compliance solutions and services, you can accelerate your audit and cyber liability readiness programs.