Information-Security Support for the Public and Private Sectors

While it’s true that public and private sector organizations differ greatly in size, mission, constituency, and budget funding, all share the critical, two-fold need to secure data and pass a compliance audit. None are immune to criminal cyber-attack or exempt from following regulated security requirements--and all require help passing their IT compliance audit.

It’s also true that organizations seeking support for these needs have a great many choices of information-security (infosec) providers. However, not all providers are the same.

The secret to success is finding one that can not only work seamlessly with your executives or IT team, as Singular Security does, but also understand your operations and organizational challenges--especially your regulatory environment.

Security-industry certifications and membership, as well as demonstrated leadership within reputable, relevant security organizations also provide a reliable measure on a security provider’s knowledge and experience.

Your Audit-Readiness Specialist

One characteristic that distinguishes Singular Security from others is previous experience and success with information-security and IT compliance audit readiness, including exceptional knowledge of:

  • What the regulations say and what they require from you
  • How compliance auditors think, act and approach their tasks
  • The leading infosec frameworks and IT compliance best-practices for your industry
  • How to identify and correct network infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • The most effective threat monitoring, mitigation and protection practices
  • Prepare for and pass your industry-specific IT compliance audit
  • Be SOC 2 Audit Ready

Industries and Audit-Readiness Supported

Below is a partial list of industries for which Singular Security provides information-security and IT compliance audit-readiness services and consulting.  If you have other needs or find that your particular sector isn’t listed, please call for personal assistance from a Singular Security IT audit-readiness specialist.


  • Including “Covered Entities” and their “Business Associates” that handle and/or store patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
    • Audit Support Provided: HIPAA, HITECH

Public Sector Organizations

  • NIST SP 800-171 Regulation Deadline is December 31st, 2017
  • Federal Agencies
    • Audit Support Provided: FISMA, NIST
  • Department of Defense
    • Audit Support Provided: NIST, SANS Top 20
  • Law Enforcement
    • Audit Support Provided: CJIS, CLETS, SmartJustice

Private Sector Organizations

  • Retailers and Merchants
    • Audit Support Provided: PCI
  • Insurance
    • Audit Support Provided: HIPAA, PCI, NAIC
  • Hotel & Hospitality
    • Audit Support Provided: PCI, HIPAA, SSAE16
  • Air Transportation (major airports)
    • Audit Support Provided: NIST, PCI
  • Financial
    • Audit Support Provided: GLBA, FISMA, SOX
  • Education
    • Audit Support Provided: FERPA, PCI, HIPAA