Advanced Threat Detection

Cybersecurity AI Intelligence

Singular Security is now able to deliver a powerful company-wide platform designed to discover unpredictable cyber-threats while delivering critical visibility across your workforce from cloud and SaaS to endpoints.

  • Learns your digital environment and continuously updates its understanding of normal anomalous behaviors
  • Indicates and detects real-time cyber threat attacks
  • Responds to emerging cyber-attacks with targeted action
  • Build-in surveillance capability to investigate and uncover security incidents
  • Generates actionable report summaries at machine speed

A New Approach:

This platform takes a new approach to cyber defense It is one the first technology that is capable of learning ‘self’ across the digital business — from email and cloud services to industrial systems and the corporate network — and identifying what is truly dangerous or malicious in real time.

No in-house security expertise? No problem!

Machine Speed Response

Security teams are overwhelmed. Fast-moving attacks like ransomware can cripple file servers in a matter of minutes. And with the sophistication of attacks growing, while enterprises embrace new and dynamic digital infrastructures, human security teams are unable to respond to digital threats fast enough. It is widely recognized that AI-driven, autonomous technologies are necessary to fight the new generation of cyber-threats.

Time to Remediation

Our Advanced Threat Detection uses Cyber AI to calculate the best action to take to effectively contain in-progress cyber-attacks in the shortest period of time. Acting in seconds, it is critical in stopping the onset of ransomware and other fast-moving threats from inside your digital environment – whether on SaaS applications and cloud platforms, on the network or elsewhere.

Cloud & Email Security

The transition to the cloud has fundamentally reshaped the digital business and the traditional paradigm of the network perimeter. Hybrid infrastructure and distributed workforces are now part of the furniture of an increasingly diverse digital estate, with multi-cloud practices introducing a new layer of complexity. Many organizations are struggling to keep the cloud secure.

Email also remains one of the most dangerous attack vectors in the enterprise. By spoofing an email or hijacking a trusted account, cyber-criminals can trick users into wiring millions out of the business or triggering a ransomware attack with a single click. Yet despite email being the entry point for 94% of attacks, traditional security controls continue to fall short.

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