Continuous Monitoring

IT security professionals often describe ISCM (information security continuous monitoring) as “maintaining ongoing awareness of information security, vulnerabilities, and threats  to support an organization’s  risk tolerance and risk management decisions.”  Singular Security’s Continuous Monitoring service helps you achieve all that… and more.

Your partner in planning, prevention and protection

Based on your unique business goals and strategies, Singular Security will work with you to:

  • Define an ISCM strategy that maintains clear visibility into: network assets and management; vulnerability awareness; emerging threats and their potential effects on business
  • Establish your ISCM technical architecture, status monitoring metrics, and controls-assessment schedule
  • Implement an ISCM program to collect the security-related information required  for metrics, assessments, and reporting
  • Automate data handling where possible, to save time and resources
  • Analyze data collected, report findings and help you choose the most appropriate response
  • Review and update your continuous monitoring program and, where needed, adjust strategy and metrics to improve network visibility, awareness, control and resilience
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