Security Awareness Training

Instill Security Awareness Mindset

One look at today’s headlines provides a sobering reminder for executives and security officers: cyberattacks have skyrocketed, data breaches are a weekly occurrence, and the need for cybersecurity awareness has never been greater.

A security-first mindset is simply an organizational commitment to securing and safeguarding corporate and customer data. It means prioritizing data security to such a degree that your commitment is clearly evident throughout your policies and processes--and more importantly, in the attitudes, behaviors and actions of your employees.

Security Awareness Begins with Education

We emphasize behavior because what employees do--or don’t do--when handling sensitive data or reacting to a potential breach, will directly determine whether your organization deals with financial, reputational and regulatory consequence--or avoid them.

Employees who know and understand potential threats become security assets instead of liabilities--partners in protecting your company, its customers and reputation.  An important aspect is - organizations that invest in teaching employees to safely handle data and identify cybersecurity threats before they become breaches fare much better in today’s threat environment than those who don’t.

SingularReady Approach

Our Security Awareness Training gives organizations of any size or type the ability of an annual or regular reinforcement of data security and privacy security for its employees.

Security Awareness

Privacy Awareness

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Our Learning Content

From award-winning interactive courseware to videos and articles, Singular Security can provide educational and actionable knowledge content to help organizations meet their standards and framework requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, CJIS, DFARS, NIST, ISO and more.

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