Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Simplify cybersecurity and risk management

Our Cybersecurity and Compliance Risk Management GRC Platform allows a proactive, risk-based approach to managing and mitigating risk focusing on key metrics while applying diligence to your cybersecurity frameworks and risk programs such as HIPAA, DFARS, Data Privacy Law, PCI, CIS, ISO, NIST and more.

Some key features:

  • Centralized visibility to cybersecurity program and risk profile
  • Compliance Controls management interface with linked compliance supporting documentation
  • Risk register management, risk matrix and simple to use interface
  • Searchable online incident response planning
  • Interactive timelines with summary and linked detail for stakeholder review
  • Permission based document repositories for secure viewing and access to supporting documentation

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  • Program Planning - enable your cybersecurity and risk management programs by achieving organizational alignment, visibility into program activity and risk areas, structured risk mitigation activities and demonstration of diligence your company applies to cybersecurity and risk mitigation efforts.
  • Program Maintainability - maintain clear cybersecurity program and risk management objectives utilizing dashboard metrics and charts designed to help you achieve important milestones.
  • Work-flow Automation - with a powerful built in work-flow engine, you can assure addressing real identified risk while consolidating your time, effort and budget.

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