FedRAMP ATO Program Readiness

FedRAMP Ready?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is an official government-wide program designation given to Cloud Service Providers who have undergone their independent security assessment. To pass this assessment, you need to demonstrate readiness to move ahead with a full FedRAMP authorization process. FedRAMP ATO although built off the NIST Framework - is different. And in some cases, your organization will need to be authorized with both NIST and FedRAMP to be compliant with government regulations.

Our subject matter experts understand the many challenges with achieving FedRAMP ATO (Authority to Operate). Singular Security’s combined platform solutions and services can help answer questions and gather the necessary materials in your organization to obtain this designation: Help You Prepare!

  • Identifying your inherited controls
  • Automate the assessment workflow
  • Proper documentation generation strategy
  • Analyzing status metrics efficiently
  • Continuous Monitoring implementation (CONMON)

Being FedRAMP Ready requires Cloud Service Providers seeking this designation to have security controls in place and prove their ability to continuously monitor their controls for demonstrated effectiveness. A vital piece of obtaining this designation is understanding the areas you will be evaluated in and exactly what questions will be asked. Our team of experts will ensure you are prepared to prove compliance with each critical category: Documentation, Assess, Authorize, and Monitor. Streamline Your Process!

Singular Security will work with you on areas that will cover:

  1. Implementing Security Controls
  2. Assessing the Security Controls & Assessment Plan
  3. Analyzing Risk & developing your Plan of Action and Milestones
  4. Continuous Monitoring Implementation

Singular Security Accreditation Manager capability will not only ensure your organization to become FedRAMP ATO Ready - We will also help you maintain the program and compliance so you can focus on your business. Our combined solutions and services set you up for success with this program – some key benefits include:

Accelerate to Revenue!

  1. Reliable cost containment
  2. Improved resource allocation
  3. Reduction in duplication
  4. Expansion of testing and monitoring coverage
  5. Compliance effectiveness, efficiency, and resiliency
  6. Aggregated reporting from across the organization


Contact Singular Security Inc. at 1-888-669-1618 and ask for our FedRAMP ATO Program expert. You can also email your request for more information; or speak with one of our experts to info@singularsecurity.com.

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